Have you ever heard of people overwhelmed by their clothing collections describe their bedrooms as being dominated by a floordrobe? I can’t help but wonder: is a capsule, minimalist wardrobe based on values of simplicity, and what works for the individual rather than socially or advertising-dominated ideals of style, the antithesis of a floordrobe.

Welcome to Minimaldrobe, a WordPress-based blog and Instagram feed, summed up by the idea: Make it simple, but significant.

Minimalism has begun to explode into life in the last few years, hell, it’s even on Netflix, it’s on The New York Times Best Seller list.

Men’s fashion blogging is often on the smarter side, or on the high-end side: neither of these things particularly align with my life, although quality is always a better bastion than quantity. I speak from experience and disappointment.

There are plenty of great and genuinely inspirational capsule wardrobe/minimalist blogs, like A Small Wardrobe. However they are mainly written by women, perhaps led by Courtney Carver’s foundational popular Project 333, and therefore the information in them generally pertains to a feminine audience. Minimaldrobe is part of this blogosphere, of course, but each blog has its audience, and I hope it will take an important place in this burgeoning scene, shaped by the idea that you don’t need an unrealistic variety of clothes to be stylish or cool.