Black bomber jacket / Mono printed t-shirt / Black Skinny Jeans / well-worn Converse

‘The modern painter cannot express his age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of Renaissance or of any past culture. Each age finds its own technique’ – Jackson Pollock, 1950

You could say that there are two big ‘tribes’ in menswear online: streetwear hypebeasts and #menswear peacocks. Neither of these scenes particularly appeal to me, but they did provide a hell of a lot of interesting context when I began to learn about men’s fashion (I was not a natural). I have however taken something from that reading: the appreciation of details.* Maintaining your stuff is one thing, keeping everything ‘pristine’ for the sake of it is another. So this is very much the kind of thing I wear everyday.

My printed-tee is an old SPRZ-NY Jackson Pollock piece from Japanese fast-fashion brand Uniqlo**. I am a huge fan of Jackson Pollock – we made our own action art piece in our garden last summer with left over paints and a fresh white canvas. What I love about this item is that it’s got a real ‘pop’ to it, yet it’s completely monochromatic. It’s a common error to assume that colour = personality, and that a lack of colour = no personality.

My black bomber jacket and skinny jeans are a classic combination. To be honest the bomber is one piece I would like to ‘upgrade’ (more on that idea later), but I’m determined to wear it out. It works just as well with a casual outfit like this, or layered over a smarter merino wool polo/roll-neck for when I go to a meeting.

Lastly, the reason why I was talking so much about everyday ‘details’ is that I cannot get enough of how good my old Converse Jack Purcell sneakers look after I have generally ‘beat them up’. Dog walking, football, general wear and tear has added a cool patina to what were a seldom worn item outside of the hottest days.

From my capsule wardrobe:

‘Formal’ Bomber Jacket by Selected Homme.

Jackson Pollock printed tee by Uniqlo.

Black skinny organic cotton jeans, Tube Tom fit, by Nudie Jeans (now discontinued).

White canvas Converse Jack Purcell trainers.

*This kind of fashion I am talking about is that of the dandy in a postmodern society. While a man posing for photos at Pitti Uomo is obsessed with their own sense of what ‘details’ mean (code for ‘ways to show off / stand out’), I see the details in my wardrobe as coming from wearing my stuff a lot

** Fast fashion is completely unsustainable and something I no longer support with my money; but I see no shame in getting the most wear we can out of pieces we already have from these companies.

Site news: I’m investigating making the move to a hosted blog service. In only 3 months I have connected with some incredible bloggers like Ironic Minimalist and Tartan Brunette (et al.). I want my content to be as accessible and beautiful as theirs so that I can, in-turn, inspire others to enter the world of minimalist fashion blogging.


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